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" People's lives change when they change something they do every day."

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Norfolk’s $40M Kroc Center set for April debut

Workers bolted together sections of a two-story water slide last week at The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center.. more...

Even Slightly Higher BP May Raise Stroke Risk

High blood pressure has long been pegged as a risk factor for stroke, but a new analysis suggests that even slightly elevated blood pressure levels raise the odds of suffering a stroke... more...

Most cancers in our world pandemic are preventable — here’s how

The World Health Organization is sounding the alarm: cancer is rapidly becoming a global pandemic... more...

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Do what you can where you are, with what you have

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, and he's known.. more...

The end of football season is a sad time for many

When I was a child growing up in Hampton, VA, I didn't always have the best attitude.. more...

The Stages of Change – the Steps to Break a Bad Habit

Recognizing that change is an inevitable part of our life was part of our last message. Sometimes changes are sudden, and beyond our control. more...

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Church Fitness was founded to assist churches and other faith based organizations in developing fitness facilities part of their ministry. Our experience in the health…
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