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" God put us here to make the world a better place."

Rick Warren

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Faith and Fitness Magazine Interviews the Father of Aerobics

Brad Bloom, Editor of Faith and Fitness Magazine, interviews one of the most important pioneers in the history of the fitness industry... more...

The CNN 10 Healthiest Cities

Checkout the CNN top 10 list of the healthiest cities in the world. Some of these may surprise you... more...

Can heart attack damage be reversed?

(CNN) -- In medical school, Gerald Karpman was taught that when it comes to matters of the heart, what's done is done. more...

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Learn from LeBron

You need not be a basketball fan to have heard the news this week that basketball superstar LeBron James is returning home.. more...

Celebrate Independence Day by Depending on God Everyday

Independence Day is a special time of year because it's the one national holiday that is most often associated with the summer.. more...

Do what you can where you are, with what you have

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, and he's known.. more...

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Church Fitness was founded to assist churches and other faith based organizations in developing fitness facilities part of their ministry. Our experience in the health…
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